Homeshake: Live Review

The solo project of Peter Sagar, deliver dreamy synths and laid back beats to a sell-out Manchester crowd.

Homeshake recently released a fourth album ‘Helium’ on Sinderlyn Records. The album demonstrates the ties between minimalism and dream-pop exploration. The productions can be heard leaning less on guitars and introducing more synthesizers to the music.

The Montreal based solo project played to a chattering crowd at the Manchester Academy 2. Proceedings opened with the uplifting bounce of ‘Just Like My’ from the new album, followed up with the hypnotic ‘She Can’t Leave Me Here Alone Tonight’, guiding the crowd into a synchronised state of swaying heads.

Sagar (the former guitarist for Mac Demarco) was exceptional throughout the evening but at times was left bemused. Homeshake experienced problems with the venue from start to finish, the overwhelming sound of the crowd for some parts, diluted the perfectly delivered songs.

It was clear to see that the audience enjoyed the more popular and well-known songs, such as ‘Call Me Up’ ‘Give it to Me’ and ‘Khmlwugh’ but it seemed as though they struggled to engage in the music throughout the whole evening as conversation often polluted the band’s performance. The frustration could be heard towards the end of the gig when Sagar, sarcastically said “Two more songs and then we can all go home”.

Peter Sagar and the band were technically brilliant all night and delivered a great performance, it was just a shame the attention span of the crowd couldn’t be held to appreciate the music.

Cover image credit: Salina Ladha

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