Introducing – Blanketman

THE BACKSTORY: Channeling the spirit of 1970’s Post-Punk Manchester, Blanketman are an unapologetic ‘knee jerk’ reaction to modern society and culture.

Already gaining interest from some of the biggest household names of the genre, such as Steve Hanley from legendary Manchester Punk outfit The Fall, this emerging quartet are definitely ones to keep a very close eye and ear on.

The bands most recent offering is a self-released 2 track, beginning with ’Sick & Tired’. A sluggish lone guitar opens, looping for the first 40 seconds, until eventually accompanied by a robust and tribal rhythm section. This carries the following 5 minutes of the track in a somewhat monotonous fashion. Perhaps this is a clever and calculated way of reflecting the tracks lyrical content and overall mood, which clearly communicates a distaste for the media, politics and the uninspiring, drab collection of ‘artistic’ works currently residing in UK popular culture.

The second record ‘Flip It Over’ is an up-tempo foot stomper driven by solid beats, baselines and well-placed guitar melodies. In juxtaposition to the former track, it speaks of starting a fresh, ‘turning it over’ and ‘wiping the slate clean’. Another well thought through and connected piece? Colour me intrigued.

You can catch Blanketman live on April 20th at the 5th instalment of the ’When in Manchester Festival’ held in the Northern Quarter. 

For Fans Of: The Fall, Joy Division, Gang of Four, Shame

Key Track: Sick & Tired

Cover Photo Credit: Rosie Butcher