Introducing – Mt. Fuji

BACK STORY: An immovable giant is emerging from the recesses of the Pennines that surround the market towns of Lancashire, in the northwest of England. A quintet collaboration of various, but mainly 60’s inspired, influences spanning the likes of Cream, The Rolling Stones and the lyrical expression of Lou Reed, that have been merged and moulded into a modern day soulful and eagerly ambitious sound.

Although still very much in their infancy, Mt. Fuji have the air and maturity within their ranks of all the greats which came before them.

The band, made up of Paris Taylor on Vocals, Freddie Bruhin-Price on Vocals and Guitar,

Henry Crabtree on Guitar, Connor Synnott on Bass and Dominic Lawson on Drums, self-released their very first offering ‘Go Down Easy’ on March 31st. It’s a laid back, emotive and especially catchy track, built up of multiple textures, vocal tones and fuzzy instruments which bounce and float around in your head. If the opening five guitar notes don’t hook that earworm straight out of your ear, I’m not sure what will.  

Two minutes in and the feel changes slightly. The backing instrumental becomes less playful and sterner, as if it has something important to say. In comes Paris, taking over vocal duties from Freddie and it becomes apparent that the lyrics are written as a call and response with the two parties expressing a certain love for one another. After a soothing stripped back break, the chorus returns and gradually crescendos into a choppy instrumental ending.

You could be forgiven for feeling like you had been transported back in time whilst listening to this record. Whether that’s a good thing or not? That’s for you to decide. Either way, its most certainly an apt release for the incoming spring and summer months. I for one can see myself sat in the sun, sipping a cold alcoholic refreshment, hopefully on a beach somewhere, whilst this track plays over. #drinkresponsibly.

FFO: Cream, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground,

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