Did someone say MORE COWBELL?! Whiskey Myers “Die Rockin’ tour” – Cody Cannon interview

Photo credits – Kris Poage

Whiskey Myers are back once again bringing southern rock to the UK and we cannot be more excited! Their first ever UK tour was back in 2016 when they supported The Cadillac three and they’ve come a long way since. Playing two major UK festivals, Ramblin man fair and Download before returning to rock the main stage in 2018. They kick off their third UK headline tour in London Tuesday 21st of May with special guests “Wartoad”!

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The band consists of Frontman Cody Cannon on Lead Vocals, Guitar and harmonica, Cody Tate on Lead Guitar, Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, John Jeffers on Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Lap Steel and Vocals which are showcased on their new track “Bitch” a true tell it like it is badass song! Jeff Hogg on Drums and two more recent additions Jamey Gleaves on Bass who joined the Whiskey Myers family in 2017 after the departure of Gary Brown and last but not least Mr Tony Kent on Keys, Percussion and of course that mighty Cowbell we just can’t get enough of!

Last week marked a special occasion for the band as they celebrated 12 years together and to commemorate the day they’ve posted a short video for their fans of the journey they’ve had so far.


A lot has happened in those 12 years for Whiskey Myers, sharing stages with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd (who they’re often compared to by fans and press), Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry plus many more! Expanding their most recent tour and working alongside producers Mike McClure (Road of life), Leroy Powell (Firewater) and multiple Grammy award winner Dave Cobb who produced their last two albums ‘Early Morning Shakes’ and ‘Mud’.

Sounds – Are you aware your first album “Road of life” is selling online for upto a hundred dollars? What do you think of that?

Cannon – “Yeah I know it’s us selling it. *laughs* No you know we don’t really pay much attention to the internet”

When it comes to song writing they appear to have a very laid back attitude “Where you come from and where you grew up influences your music a lot,” says Cannon. “As a band, we don’t go into the studio with any preconceived theme. You just sit down and you write and the songs come out naturally.” The same attitude applies for their live performances, when asked how he prepares vocally before a show his response was not what most people would expect, “I don’t, I probably should, after all these years but I just get up there”. Cannon tells Sounds they find most of their inspiration from classic country, rock and blues. “We love the Stones and Skynyrd”. This is evident throughout their music as they play around with heavy blues riffs, raw soulful vocals and a strong rhythm section. In addition the guys are often spotted rocking various band t-shirts when on stage from country legends Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson to rock ‘n’ rollers ZZ top or Rolling Stones.

So far they have performed four tracks from their new album that is due to come out this autumn (date to be confirmed)! Gasoline, Hammer, Die Rockin’ and Bitch – with John Jeffers on lead vocals. First initial thought that comes to mind once hearing the new material is that this album will without a doubt be the heaviest one yet! Although their ballads Stone, Broken window serenade or Ballad of a southern man seem to be getting more attention across music streaming platforms when it comes to live performances it is clear they prefer to rock it out.

“As we always say we’re just a bunch of rednecks trying to play rock ‘n’ roll” – Whiskey Myers

Photo Credit – Kris Poage

So are they having some down time after this tour or is it full steam ahead?

“No we’re just gonna keep touring, till we die”  – says Cannon

Although the guys have done a fair amount of interviews over the years they don’t give a lot away especially when it comes to the origin of the bands name “Whiskey Myers”. They often like to give a number of different answers to this question. My personal favourites definitely include, “It’s Spanish for fighting chicken” and “It came from a drunk we knew that lived down by the river. His name was Ricky Myers.” But we decided to join in the fun and come up with a theory of our own! Myers is indeed an ancient name originating from either Germany meaning “steward or bailiff” or England with two possible meanings. One, “Son of the Mayor” or two, “Someone who lived near a marsh/mire” meaning “an area of deep, wet, sticky earth”. I’m no detective but does that sound a lot like mud? Which you’ve guessed it, is also the name of their 2016 album and links in with their “Ricky Myers” story! Coincidence? Let us know what you think.

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