Rammstein ‘Untitled’ – Album Review

5/5 Rammstein are back with arguably one of the most consistent metal albums we’ve heard in some time

It’s been 10 years since German metal powerhouse Rammstein released a full-length album. In fact, back in 2009 when Leibe Ist Für Alle Da was released I was 14, couldn’t grow a beard, and the heaviest piece of music I’d heard in my entire life was the bridge riff to Wisemen by James Blunt. I know… thank god I’ve managed to keep my shady past hidden so long. All jokes aside, this self-titled album was absolutely worth the wait. Rammstein are back with arguably one of the most consistent metal albums we’ve heard in some time.

One thing that immediately surprises was just how contrasting the entire album plays compared to the initial singles, Deutschland and Radio. Hearing these tracks first off and thinking ‘Ok, sounds alright’ – by heck, I was wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Deutschland and Radio but the remainder of the 45 minutes is absolutely crammed with some of Germany’s finest musical exports. Third single Ausländer sees the band venturing into euro-pop and absolutely knocking it out of the park on their first go, while Tattoo and Sex scream out and remind us that the Germans are the archbishops of a heavy metal groove.

Halfman-half grizzly bear Til Linderman makes no apologies proving he has one of the most dynamic voices in modern metal. In the haunting Puppe, he transitions from angelic whispers through to the official soundtrack of the apocalypse. In fact, if the ex-Olympic swimmer spilled an entire pint of Hefeweizen all over you you’d apologise for being in the way. Instrumentally this album is also no slouch, gargantuan guitars and drums interplay with biting synths to deliver an album that makes you want to boogie like nobody is watching and head butt the nearest innocent bystander in equal measure.

Rammstein has proven with this latest release in almost 25 years as a band,  language continues to be completely irrelevant in translating the passion and emotion the German group are able to deliver with their music. Set aside 45 minutes of your day and blast this album, you won’t be disappointed.

Listen to ‘PUPPE’

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