Introducing – Litany

The Backstory: Litany is the alias of 25 year-old songstress Beth Cornell from Harrogate, England.

And that’s the line where you stop and think how in 2019 did England produce such great pop music

England has a great backcatalogue of perfect pop music in the 80’s and 90’s and somewhere along the way we lost it. The country has become overun with bearded tattood men in check shirts singing ballad after ballad for people who’d rather spend money on artisan street food than music. And then there’s Simon Cowell’s corporate pop. Don’t go there.

This is pop music that belongs in Sweden and Europe alongside Robyn, Ralph and Donkeyboy rather thanthe green grass of England.

Formerly a duo producing icy cool pop such as “PS2” and “I Said”, Litany 2.0 has developed into pure pop perfection with likes of “Bedroom” and “My Dude”. You might have heard the former on Orbit Peppermint “Zombie Kiss” and it’s lyrics of pure innocent pop with a knowing wink.

“If you wanna come to my place then we can talk about the weather
If you wanna come to my house then You can meet my parents
If you wanna come to my bedroom
If you wanna come to my bedroom”

Latest track “My Dude” is an absolute TUUUUNNNNNEEE

“I really like you
And if you liked me too
I could be your girlfriend
You could be my dude”

There’s something innocent and childlike about Litany and that’s it’s sheer joy. There are even reference points to Hadouken and MSN Messenger.

Pop has always been fun, joyous and something that most people loved before growing into that serious teenager phase. Litany is a reminder that pop music isn’t just for childhood. It’s for life.

With hints of St Etienne on “My Dude” and “Call On Me”, we could have just found a new pop act that bridges the divide between pure pop and indie fans

For Fans Of: Robyn, St Etienne, Donkeyboy

Key Track: My Dude



Catch Litany on a short tour with Yoke Lore this month including dates in Leeds and Manchester