RIP – Music journalist and fellow hombre Andy Gill 9.6.19

Gill (right) was often mistaken for the Gang of Four musician of the same name ( The Independent )

Andy Gill who was chief music critic for the Independent for over eighteen years

The Sounds team are very saddened to hear that music Journalist, fellow music fan and hombre Andy Gill passed away on the 9th June 2019. Sheffield born Gill who later wrote wrote for NMEQ, Mojo and numerous other publications was known for his honest opinions, turn of phrase, enthusiastic, sometimes cutting, controversial but always memorable, interviews and reviews.

Both music industry and artists held their breath when awaiting a Gill review, of Coldplay he most famously wrote “Their music sounds like Radiohead with all the spiky, difficult, interesting bits boiled out of it, resulting in something with the sonic consistency of wilted spinach.”

Gill was also amused to receive a signed letter from Phil Collins. which said “After reading your review of my song ‘Another Day In Paradise’ I have come to the conclusion that you are the most cynical bastard in Britain.” 

The Sounds team salute you Andy and we will channel your passion for music, honesty, integrity and laughter, after all life is short, TOO short not to laugh and write!

Andy Gill, music critic, born 28 February 1953, died 9 June 2019

Read a great interview and tribute here by Andy Reynolds RIP Andy Gill – an interview with the NME writer, about Sheffield, postpunk, and being confused with that chap in the Gang of Four

After 30 years of being mistaken for him, The Independent’s music critic Andy Gill meets the Gang of Four’s Andy Gill to discuss a shared passion for pop powered by ideas

Gill (right) was often mistaken for the Gang of Four musician of the same name ( The Independent )

Read the interview here: Andy Gill meets Andy Gill

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