David Bowie “Diamond Dogs” Red Vinyl LP Re-issue Out Now – Shop sales only

We’re giving this a re-push just cos its so ace… on 24th May 1974 ‘Diamond Dogs’ became David Bowie’s third number one UK album and his first US top 10 album.

On the 25th May 2019 there was a special limited edition red vinyl version of Diamond Dogs released exactly 45 years since the original release date.

The single Rebel Rebel peaked at number 5 on the official U.K. singles chart and was released 3 months ahead of Diamond Dogs with the special American ‘New York’ Remix single version featuring a new arrangement and vocal overdubs. For those Statto types out there, Diamond Dogs reached number 1 in the UK albums chart AND peaked at number 5 in the U.S Billboard charts.

Now we love Streaming as much as the next person.. best thing ever… but with this release we REALLY LOVE the fact that as a piece of vinyl this album is only available by leaving the house, using your legs (instead of just your fingers) travelling to a local record shop and purchasing it the old school way. It will make that wonderful listening pleasure and handling / viewing of that beautiful red vinyl all the more satisfying.

So if you do wanna grab one, pre-order on the website to secure one from your local record store and get on shanky’s pony and earn that listening pleasure!.