Credit: Richard McCann

Single Review – The Battery Farm – ’97/91′

…described by one blogger as “so intense I shit myself”

Credit: Richard McCann

Brutal yet reserved in equal measure, Mancunian gutter punks The Battery Farm have an intensity unlike anyone else on the scene. With only one single under their belts, the group have already been delighting and disgusting audiences at hometown venues such as The Castle and Retro’s R-Fest.

Debut single ’97/91′ described by one blogger as “so intense I shit myself” is a grisly examination of the worst of humanity and class warfare, inspired by a murder in the North Manchester suburb that vocalist Ben grew up in. His unashamedly Northern, spoken-word growl is propelled by punishing, guttural punk rock, as vicious and inhuman as city life in the uncaring world. 

Credit: Richard McCann

The Battery Farm offer a refreshing take on socially conscious punk. They never shy away from heavy topics, but deal with issues such as murder and immigration in a way that is completely unpretentious and down to earth. Eschewing the overly preachy tone of certain other political punk and post-punk groups, The Battery Farm have a sound and style of their own, injecting a powerful strain of bleak, raw intensity into a somewhat familiar format. This group is an essential part of the current wave of exciting new creatives in Manchester, and must be experienced.

For Fans Of: The Fall, Buzzcocks, The Clash

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