Single Review – You And Me At Six ‘What’s It Like’

You Me At Six have been around for ages. I really don’t mean that in a bad way.

They’ve been the unofficial soundtrack to many’s entire teenage years (I’m 24 so obviously I’m old now) and as music tastes have altered they’ve done a fantastic job of following us along on that journey. From the pop punk of Take Off Your Colours to the heavy rock elements of Night People and VI. Maybe I personally just got lucky and they matured as a band as I matured as a music lover … Or I’m the victim of some very impressive demographic targeting and somebody in the YMAS marketing team deserves a very big raise …

But anyway, let’s chat about this new single.

What’s It Like is the first bit of new music since 2018’s VI album. That album got a lot of mixed reviews as some claimed it was too middle of the road for the band. I completely disagree as it’s one the best You Me At Six albums, especially tracks like Miracle In The Mourning and I O U. This new single is again a step in a different direction for the band and again it’s a step in the right direction.

The track plays out like a 2019 pop track with synth melodies, half time dance style drums, and a drop that leaves you torn between moshing and doing some weird dance you’re more likely to see at Coachella. 

Frontman Josh Franceschi has long since proved he has one of the best voices in British rock and he carries the ‘breathy pop vocal’ very well here. There’s subtle guitars seasoned throughout the track supporting the synth lines much in the way Bring Me The Horizon have be portraying themselves lately.

However I think the boys in the YMAS gang are doing it a little better here if I may be so bold. Everything just sits well and it’s incredibly pleasing to the production nerd within me.

To conclude – I’m super happy to report You Me At Six are doing well as a band. It’s tough being a British band, so it’s great that a once small unsigned band have risen throughout the ranks and are fighting the fight on Radio 1 for the few of us who think ‘guitar music’ is due a comeback.

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