INTRODUCING – Rabbithole

THE BACK STORY: Rabbithole could loosely be described as something of a local supergroup

Obviously not in the way the Eagles were, or in the way The Travelling Wilburys were.. more a collective of leftfield individuals who at some point have all showed great promise that was somehow never really properly fulfilled. These individuals have joined forces to set the record straight and give us something quite special and unique.

Mind you.. even the aforementioned ‘never really fulfilled’ adage isn’t completely accurate here. Let me explain.

Rabbithole is the brainchild of Adio Marchant (AKA ‘Bipolar Sunshine’ and ex Kid British vocalist) Simeon  McLean (AKA ‘Simeon Says’ and ex Kid British vocalist) Dave Walker (uber talented Manchester music producer and co-owner of the highly acclaimed ‘Love Dose’ club night) and Daniel ‘Baz’ Abram (refreshingly original and equally talented vocalist  – and also co-owner of the Love Dose’ club night).

Marchant alone has had the huge 650 million streamed crossover hit ‘Middle’ with DJ snake, as well as having recently penned ‘Brown Skin Girl’ which is currently doing the rounds for Beyonce Knowles as part of Disney’s new Lion King movie.

So what about Rabbithole? Rabbithole is a fusion where styles and sonics that by all accounts should probably clash, actually make something brilliant and unique as a result. There are shades of Kraftwerk, reminders of the left field electronica of The art of noise, the dream-like quality of This mortal coil, the cool confidence and experimentation of Massive attack , the consistent development of hip hop – alongside with the devil may care attitude of post punk indie. Its a wonderful sonic soup with a very forward thinking approach.

Lyrically ‘The stain on my torso, it burns even more-so’ and ‘I took a walk by the cemetery looking for love’ reflects wordplay and imagery that is rich and varied and not what you would expect at all. Refreshingly, you feel this is actually the whole point of what this very switched on collective do. They are called Rabbithole and not Pigeonhole for a reason.

Key Track: Anything from ‘The Visionary Tape’

For Fans Of: Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Underworld, The Art Of Noise, Frank Ocean

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