On the back of playing a run of UK instores from the 17th August to promote the release of new album ‘This Is Not A Safe Place’ RIDE head out on world tour from 23rd August at TOdays festival in Turin, Italy, going to New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada, Japan and back to the UK in November/December, before touring Europe in Jan 2020. 

Kevin Magee caught up with the founder member, songwriter / guitarist and former Oasis and Beady Eye band member Andy Bell for a brief chat about the new album and the bands songwriting influences.

It’s been two years since the release of ‘Weather Diaries’ and five years since Ride reunited. How do you feel now on approaching the release of ‘This Is Not A Safe Place’?

I think the new album sounds like we are back in our stride. It feels more natural than ever to be in Ride.

You’re working with Erol Alkan again, which seems like a very happy creative alliance. Is it easier to develop a sound with someone you’ve worked with before?

I’ve always wanted to have a long lasting production partnership like this. Erol and Ride is like Eno and Talking Heads. It just compliments what we have.

The album kicks off noisey and shoegazey “Kill Switch” and “Repetition”, I hear there’s a particularly political tone to ‘Kill Switch’ too. How has yours and the band’s songwriting been affected by the current political situation?

It’s not political intentionally but it certainly works if you wanted to read it that way.

Do you have a particular favourite on ‘This Is Not A Safe Place’?

I really like how “In This Room” turned out. It’s a 3 minute song with a 6 minute outro ! Just how I like it.

How have the new songs been going down live? What was it like sharing the stage with The Cure, not once but twice this summer?

It’s always a massive honour to share a stage with the Cure. As time goes by I just love them more and more. The new songs have been going down pretty well, thanks.

Watch the video for the brand new single ‘Clouds Of Saint Marie’.

How did Basquiat come through as such a strong inspiration for some of the songwriting? Are you similarly making notes about what’s going on around you?

I’m always noting things down. The JMB thing was just because I’d been to that exhibition shortly before I got hit with a big moment of inspiration and the two things tied together really well.

C86, Sonic Youth and the Fall are all cited as inspirations behind ‘This Is Not A Safe Place’….what else influenced this one?

Post punk in general. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Public Image Limited. People have been telling me they hear the influence of Wire, I may have to check out some of their records !

Mark E Smith has died between “Weather Diaries” and “This Is Not A Safe Place”, how far reaching is his influence?

The Fall are giants of British Music, and have always been a big influence on Ride.

What’s your favourite new record at the moment?

Aldous Harding – Designer

You’ve regarded yourselves as musical magpies but how does it feel now be in the position of being influential? Which new bands do you rate?

Jeph, Bodywash, Viagra Boys, Lyerr, Fontaines DC, Idles, Parquet Courts, Spirit of the Beehive are a few new bands I really like.

This Is Not A Safe Place’ is out 16th now on Wichita Recordings, listen below.

See full touring details at thebandride.com/tour