Black Midi Release Surprise New Song

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4/5: Black Midi Go Country? : ‘Camerons Song?’ Review

Throwing surprises left, right and centre, Black Midi have made their debut album ‘Schlagenheim’ available to stream via YouTube. In hushed tones an uncredited bonus track has been added to the mix. Although the cut has been played in selected live shows, the studio recording hasn’t been heard until now, and the band have released it in the strangest way. 

The song is untitled, although titled ‘Cameron’s Song’ by fans (I’m sure Black Midi would love their intense creativity). With slide guitar and banjo (along with pictons fake texas accent), the band poke fun at old country songs in a lighthearted way. 

This isn’t one to push under the rug though. The lyrics are a fair bit darker. They follow Picton meeting a blind man who warns him to “be careful” in the world. With the blind man’s disability he appreciates the smaller things in life that are unthought of by the non-handicaped. Picton pushes off his warning. He goes about his day to day life doing mundane things (picking up the paper and smoking), before not looking and getting hit by a truck. I will look forward to this being in the new road safety adverts. 

Simpsons drumming is less bonkers than usual on this cut, he plays atmospherically in the background of the track. Not too unlike the work on Swans ‘To Be Kind’. He sounds as if he is warming up for a dramatic breakdown. Something that would have made the track even more pleasing. The band could have easily extended this track into a jam, and added more lyrics building up to the truck scene. If this is a Black Midi ‘throwaway song’ , then the future holds more gold.    

Listen to the new track at 43 minutes 14 in

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