Introducing – Jackie Moonbather

THE BACK STORY – It all started way back at the age of 13 when Jackie Moonbather played his first gig for a punk band called The Gonks. After digging through his parent’s record collection and exploring the local music scene in Sheffield, he quickly developed a taste for classic Soul, Jazz Fusion and R&B. He later became a founding member of Blancmange Lounge, a music collective based in Sheffield and Manchester. In 2017 Jack started a new venture with members of his Blancmange Lounge entourage which turned out to be a soothing and soulful solo project called Jackie Moonbather. 

Jackie Moonbather is a singer, songwriter and producer with a strong DIY attitude. In 2017 Jackie Moonbather released his self-titled debut EP, which was quickly followed up with ‘Blancmange Sessions’ a collaboration with Sheffield artist Otis Mensah and other Blancmange Lounge member Oliver Harrap.  
In the spring of 2018, Jackie Moonbather worked on another collaboration ‘No Destination’ with electronic producer Jackson Swaby. This was immediately followed up with the release of his solo album ‘The Month of May’. The appropriately titled album was met with critical acclaim and gained cult status in Sheffield that year.

The Sheffield based multi-instrumentalist was busy again this year with a flurry of collaborations. He worked on the electronic album ‘Indigo’ which was released on Jackson Swaby’s self-titled label and then collaborated with Ohio based artist Eliy Orcko on the Hip Hop track ‘Nothin’. The track was included on Eliy Orcko’s EP ‘Forgetting’ which was released on Blancmange Lounge’s self-titled label. As well as working on his own solo projects and collaborations, Jackie Moonbather has produced tracks for other artists, this year he produced ‘Hitch Hiker Guide’ on Eliy Orcko’s ‘Only Human’ album and produced several tracks on DIMITRI’s ‘Adverts, Love Songs & Official Soundtracks’.

Jackie Moonbather has become a real spearhead in Sheffield’s thriving underground scene of new Soul, Jazz, and Hip Hop artists. If you get the opportunity to see him play, you won’t be disappointed.

Key Track: ‘Say No More’, the final element to this album’s poetic narrative. You could say this track captures the melancholy one feels knowing this euphonious journey is about to end. 

For Fans Of: Roy Ayers, D’Angelo & Cody Chesnutt

Video credit: GRIT Multimedia

Cover image credit: Miroslav Kiss