Introducing – Waldorf & Cannon

Image: Sebastian Gruber

The back story:They’ve been going for quite a while now, but chances are you haven’t heard Waldorf & Cannon and since I’m in the mood for reading your mind allow me to predict you’ll love them.

Cannon is a music graduate with the voice of an angel and the ability of funk band. Waldorf is Wally, a graduate of The Whole Tribe Sings, The New Capris, Red Organ Serpent Sound, Cashier No 9 and Here Comes The Landed Gentry and takes multi-instrumentalism to a level far beyond driven.

The set up is simple, Phillip Wallace plays a specially designed Farmer Foot Drum kit (literally an entire drum kit laid on the ground an played by foot), guitar, harmonica and sings while Oisin Cannon sings, plays bass and controls the distortion pedals used by both of them. See?

People came at the start to see if the novelty could possibly work out. Not only did it work out, it triumphed and they have outlasted the other three bands that were on the bill at their debut gig. The singles Bore You, Rise Up and Omit The Logic and debut album Old Dogs New Tricks have helped to solidify a loyal fan base and prove that a great song is better than a trendy guitar and swanky haircut.

They’re currently recording album number two and are emerging after a hibernation with a bagful of new tunes including Beats Ahoy and Dear Richard, this is fair warning to do your homework now so you’re all caught up for next coming. 

Image: Sebastian Gruber

Key track: Omit The Logic, Beastie Boys takes Rage Against The Machine out for a drink but goes home with entire roster of Creation. Rascals. 

For fans of the 1990s in general,  more specifically altena-guitar pop and the big rock sound of the 1970s, perhaps think of Mudhoney and Ride playing knick knock at Led Zeppelin’s house.

Visit https://www.waldorfandcannon.com