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This extract from the full interview only available in the limited edition printed issue #1 available in ALL Rough Trades throughout the UK & Brooklyn NYC and various independent outlets inc FOPP, HMV etc and some selected venues.

Born in Blackpool in 1964 Ian Tilton came to Manchester in the early 1980’s. He started his photography career when he was 16. Ian has contributed to Sounds, Select, Melody Maker and Q magazine as regular Photographer for over 30 years and his iconic Kurt Cobain image was hailed by Q Magazine as one of the 6 best rock photographs of all time.

I’m sat in Middleton, Manchester chatting to Ian Tilton in his back room about the iconic shot which is to be the focal point for our first edition. 

Why did they (Nirvana?) choose you again?

‘Because we had stuck with them and I think they found it funny that it was me and I’d got run over, that I got hit by a bus, so they had sympathy for me. They were playing in front of their home crowd although there were other Sub Pop bands playing so it wasn’t all about Nirvana it was about the Sub Pop label. On the first night it was a big gig, a big local crowd and a really good atmosphere. The line-up was The Melvins, Dwarves and Nirvana. I was on stage with them and it has since come to light ten years later that someone had videoed it and I was in it, it made me laugh and cringe at the same time because as Kurt stood on one of the speakers and started smashing things up, really thrashing around , I’d ran out of film and it shows me being really frustrated and doing the fastest film change I could possibly do and just as I get the fucking film in the back of the camera he jumps down so I missed it. I missed a really key moment’ …

Find out how Ian got the shot and subsequent shots in the limited edition printed issue #1

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Why did they choose you again?  (Nirvana)

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