Introducing – New Pagans

The back story: New Pagans kind of crash landed, there was no early symptoms…

…Cahir O’Doherty, formerly of Derry bands Lounge Fly, Clearshot, Jetplane Landing and Fighting With Wire along his wife Lyndsey McDougall big banged with Conor McAuley (Balkan Alien Sound and Swannee River), Claire Miskimmin (Girls Names) and Alan McGreevy (Rupture Dogs) a couple of years ago and under the influence of almost everybody they’ve slowly but surely been taking over the island of Ireland.

Based in Belfast, their live shows are theatrical, noisy assaults on the senses that guarantee to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy in all the right places. But it isn’t that that sets them apart from a fairly bland and predictable scenes….it’s the songs….Lily Yeats/I Could Die, Ode To No One, Worker’s Song, Bloody Soil have continually built upon each other and nurtured a loyal and steadily growing fanbase. 

Most interestingly for a group of musicians who’ve experienced varying degrees of success in the past they’ve adapted to the current musical climate like not many others. They’ve created a sound that others strive for, combining their influences in a way that sounds totally original and, much more importantly, sounds totally incredible.

Key track: ‘It’s Darker’ than the darkest parts of the human soul, further distorted and more emotional than any of their grungey shoegazing foremothers.

For fans of: My Bloody Valentine, PJ Harvey, Veruca Salt, Pixies, you get the picture, you’ve obviously got great taste