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Bambara – Serafina: Single Review

4/5: ‘If you like your lyrics evoking pictures of sadistic, macabre women look no further‘.

Well this is gothic. If you like your lyrics evoking pictures of sadistic, macabre women look no further. If you like your instrumentation abraisive and post-punky look no further. ‘Serafina’ is the lead single to Bambara’s new album ‘Stray’. A concept album that is “death obsessed”. The gravelly vocals and apocolyptic lyrics channel Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, while also bringing back the traditional murder ballad.

The track is a lyrical narrative about two women, Serafina and Sadie. The women both have Pyrophillia, a rare paraphilia where one can get a thrill from causing fires. The women share their fixations together and commit arson. As the song ends their happiness is questioned. On the final line “we’ll burn and cry, and we’ll never die” it is put into perspective how dangerous their fixation is, and how it can kill so many.

The chorus sounds like a zorro esque theme song for a villan. There is an Americana guitar lick which i wish there was more of. It would make the instrumentation more adventurous. One aspect where the song is lacking. With the band staying in their comfort zone it makes them stand out less than they deserve.

However, while saying this, this is only a fragment out of a bigger piece. Reid states “Stray is a death-obsessed album. Most of the songs are about different characters’ futile attempts at living meaningful lives under the weight of imminent annihilation”. This leaves the impression that an intriguing concept album is to come. I am sold on the idea.

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Bambara will release their new album ‘Stray’ on Wharf Cat Records on February 14th, 2020.

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10/20/2019 – SWN Fest – Cardiff, UK    
10/22/2019 – Soup Kitchen – Manchester, UK   
10/23/2019 – Hyde Park Book Club – Leeds, UK 
10/25/2019 – Record Junkie – Sheffield, UK    
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