Single Review: Skaar Shares Music Video for New Track ‘Five Times’

Signed to Warner Music, the Norwegian releases a brilliant pop anthem with a powerful music video.

At 21, SKAAR is one of Norway’s most exciting new talents. Born on the small west coast island of Stord, she grew up experiencing total freedom and the feeling of belonging somewhere. Just like you can experience all four seasons in one day on the west coast of Norway, she can relate to feeling exuberantly lively and cheerful one minute and almost explosively emotional the next. In these oscillations, friction arises and often results in a flood of inspiration and creativity, which drives her urge to write music. 

The video shows a very strong message, showing a strong metaphor towards the egos and actions of man throughout history. Skaar comments: “This video is representing the story of Adam and Eve, but with a different view,” explains SKAAR. “It shows the power and the ego men have had through history. Still, this gives women the opportunity to grow stronger, to unite and support each other.”

The track itself has the polished sounds of any high charting pop song, and it deserves to be so. With catchy music, and vocals which are strong yet vague, allowing masses to connect to the song how they feel fit. It does, however, hold a message to women to be strong, independent and not to lose their confidence because of the actions of men. This track holds itself up alone, but alongside the music video, it portrays a much stronger message.

Photo Credit: Pernille Sandberg