Single Review: Mura Masa w/ Slow Thai – ‘Deal Wiv It’

I wouldn’t waste your time listening to this track. Maybe some people are excited at the prospect of these two artists doing a collaboration, but expectations sometimes outweigh reality and with this song, that is definitely the case – this track is the definition of underwhelming. 

“Deal wiv It”….”awrite awrite” then comes in the most average beat, this track sounds incredibly noughties but like someone is trying to make a Dizzie Rascal ‘banta’ inspired track, but failing miserably. This track sounds like something you’d hear on a Reverend and The Makers album….

Not sure you’ll be hearing this on many radio stations or in any clubs soon, I can say that much for certain….lyrics are pretty ghastly to be honest and the track doesn’t really go anywhere, and the music video sums that up quite nicely by being one of the most pointless music video of the year. There isn’t much else to say about this…