Shambolics – Live at Night People

Scottish Rockers Shambolics killed it in Manchester this week as part of the current UK tour.

Shambolics have had a successful 2019 so far, signing to Alan McGee’s label Creation23 as well as releasing their EP ‘Chasing a Disaster’ which has been received by an overwhelming response from their audience, having to press more vinyl due to exceptional demand.

In support of their LP the band have embarked on a UK tour promoted by This Feeling, with 2 sold-out dates in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Fife rock-quartet traveled down to play in the very suitable venue of Night People, which is a great gig venue if you’ve never been! On the bill was well fitted ‘Cleargreen’ and ‘Pondarosa’. On the night the event sold out giving them a total of 3 sold-out shows out of 7, not bad eh?

For anyone who doesn’t know shambolics I would describe them as a Scottish Stone Roses mixed with the alternative rock sound of R.E.M. this plus hints of influence from The Smiths and Oasis but fully with their own identity. They performed with great stage presence, and minus a few technical issues early on they smashed it, to be frank. The crowd was totally into it, jumping about and singing along to most of their tracks. Most of their songs have slow vibes, yet have very enjoyable melodic and groovy guitar riffs that are sure to get stuck in your mind after the show. With absolutely class vocal harmonies, which gave the band a very polished, big sound. This band are heading for greater things for sure. The set ends with the crowd wanting more, unfortunately, they weren’t able to give that to them, until next time at least!

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