SW034 // The Lounge Society – Generation Game // Single Review

In this apocalyptic world we live in now, there is no better soundtrack than the new, and debut Lounge Society single ‘Generation Game’. A track I was extremely excited for upon its premiere yesterday. Not just for the fact I recently fell in love with the group, but also because Speedy Wunderground has had their hand in it. Something I predicted happening on a live review 2 weeks ago. 

‘Generation Game’ is a biting 5 minutes of unapologetic post punk. Lyrically capturing the UK’s current political state of affairs, with some quite drab comparisons to the 1930s great depression. It is one to make its listener think. With the recent leaving of the EU and now the coronavirus cases, it is hard to shut off the media, and it goes hand in hand with my darker days of reading Camus ‘The Plague’ in a windowless room.

Speedy Wunderground have announced a 7 inch record of the track, limited to 250 copies. With half of them already sold out, it is quite a feat. Being unbelievably fast for even a Speedy Wunderground single. The track is released digitally on 27th March and Physically on 24th April, although it can be heard on SW’s soundcloud below. Expect to hear a lot more from this band. They’re bringing some of the best sounds from the north, and i’m all here to endorse it.

Physical single can be ordered here: https://www.speedywunderground.com/shop/singles