Blanketman – Taking You With Me: Single Review

Manchester’s ‘Blanketman’ have spent the last year playing to small crowds and gaining attention from many. From Brix Smith of The Fall to Huw Stephens of Radio 1. Where they will be tonight (Radio 1’s next wave). This is no shortage of achievements, and the group are not one to sleep on. The group managed to be the last act I caught live before the UK’s COVID19 lockdown and it was no disappointment. Even if the air was filled with a sinister paranoia.

On the group’s new single ‘Taking You With Me’, Blanketman prove to us that Post Punk can be enjoyed in its most fundamental elements. Right now, the genre is a bit split in half. Bringing a lot of underwhelming singles from many groups. Similar elements and yawn worthy stage presence. Here is a good approach. Lyrically tackling the theme of aging worries being barred by a loved ones presence. This is hard to critique unless its in its short length.

Instrumentally it is just as peppy and charming. A tasteful organ solo follows its choruses. Contrasting this is some jagged guitar strumming, and prominent bass lines. Two elements wouldn’t be out of place on a stand out Gang Of Four track.

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