Charli is back… and only 2 weeks later with a new track from her upcoming album which, seemingly, is literally just going to just revolve around how she feels about her boyfriend, though that is likely the only thing to talk about in quarantine. This track is no different but with a complete 180 in instrumental what are we getting from the newest outing from one of the most prolific artists in these weird times? 

There is a close to 100% chance that this makes it into a considerable number of DJ sets as this, rather short, electro house banger is pretty much gonna get people on the floor. If not, you’re in the wrong place or it’s just too early and he played it at the wrong time and you should still leave because that DJ can’t read the room and will play the Macarena. Like Forever A.G Cook’s on production and like many times before creates a completely different sound with a relatively minimal beat relying on a singular element and a beautiful range of percussive elements. Heavy vocal manipulation and auto-tune create close to a robotic tone to the vocals layered on top of constant layers of crushed, warped and chopped vocals create a tone completely her own. 

No one else is really doing this right now, yeah you’ve got similar instruments but the depth and complexity to which the vocals are taken to is one we are just not seeing at this level. The album itself is being described by Charli as ‘very DIY’ and while we can see this in the song lengths, with this track being arguably too short, it certainly does not feel rushed so far and speed and quality is insane which we can only hope to continue into the release of the album which is rapidly approaching. 

Even with the issue of it being about a minute too short I can’t really deny what this track is, another exceptional outing from the best in pop and immense hope for what may be one of the best albums of the year. It took Selena 5 years to create another truly great pop song after releasing Hands to Myself, it took Charli 2 weeks.

Photo: Pooneh Ghana