Formed just over a year ago, Mancunian upstarts The Red Stains have captured the attention of many around the rainy city, including Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess. A four-piece band blending honest rhythms with textural synth melodies and explosive attention deserving vocal performances. When you listen to them, and you must, you can decide for yourself. Most people will label them post-punk, but they are more than a label or a style of music. Without sounding anything like them, there’s a touch of the Velvet Underground happening here. The elements are put together with a simplistic sophistication. ‘Mannequin’, their recently-obsessed debut single overflows with energy and genuine attitude which is believable. The Red Stains already have a collection of songs that draw you in and focus the attention. The sparseness of the arrangements leave space for you to appreciate every element of the sounds. Frontwoman Natalie Emslie’s live vocal performances are staggering. The Red Stains are like nuclear fusion, they radiate energy. All things being well, they will be at Kendal Calling this year and beyond.

FOR FANS OF: The Fall, early Talking Heads, Polly Jean Harvey, The Velvet Underground.

KEY TRACKS: Mannequin, Trolley Dashers, Jump the Met.

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