80s pop revival has been somewhat a trend of recent years. Bringing out some of the most solid pop albums in the mainstream (look at newer projects by Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen). Here however is Lazarus Kane. A little more leftfield in approach. Not a perfect vocalist, and rewriting history with Nakabovian stories behind his tracks (See below). Not mentioning dropping a 7 minute debut single, ‘Narcissus’. Here ditching radio airplay. Although being rough and ready to be played in Studio 54. Here Kane follows up ‘Narcissus’ with ‘Night Walking’. A number taking influence from Hall & Oates and Prince. The result is an enjoyable slice of funk infused pop.

Although the influences are clear, ‘Night Walking’ is really a concise mesh of genres past its surface. Take for instance the tasty staccato guitars that lead the track. They could be part of a Chic number easily. Yet the synths and drums (them pounding snares!) ditch that idea and scream Prince. The huge earworm chorus (‘All I see is the air I breathe while i’m out walking‘) is so dramatic in delivery. The goofy female backing vocals are brilliant. There is no doubt that 80s major labels would have eaten it up knowing it’d sell like hot cakes. Although lyrically maybe a little repetitive (nitpick), the delivery makes up for this.

Lyric wise, Kane describes an intoxicating night out, and what precedes it. Dropping in trivial, yet quriky details about his favorite pair of boots. These are delivered in a rough, almost punky growl. Reminding me of the recent Jerskin Fendrix project, or an 80s PIL record.

Instrumentally the track is built up to a sax solo that ends the track. Although be warned. It is faded out WAY too early, leaving a thirst as the track awkwardly walks into a door. I’ll scratch my head waiting for the (probably non existent) 12 inch mix. If I were to reproduce it I would’ve scrapped the chorus before the solo to extend the solo in the tracks run time, or make it another 7 minute banger. Alas, I did enjoy this one.

Kane describes the track as ‘Originally written as a Bond theme for ‘Live And Let Die’ back in 1973, however it lost out to Paul McCartney and Wings, whose ingenious use of the surprise reggae section was the cherry on top for Sir Roger Moore. I think I actually wrote this for Saturday Night Fever, but I ended up sending it to the wrong studio. My bad’. Now, with the wonders of modern technology, the song has been re-recorded and updated with the latest specs. Strap in people, it’s about to get weird.” He follows this with an ‘Official Biography’ for more information.

Official Biography


Early Life

Lazarus was born in Sheepsclaw, Arizona. The exact date is unknown, therefore making his age impossible to verify. Due to his strict skincare regime, ascertaining his age via simply looking at his physical presence is also difficult. Fans have said he looks good for his age, but also bad for his age. He was raised in the strict Rhythm Church of Latter Day Percussionists, which placed a high regard on being able to praise God with not only straight beats, but also incorporating syncopation as children grew into adults. After falling from grace within the church, much of the information on his early life was lost with a collection of MiniDiscs believed to now be buried outside Phoenix.


Early Career – ‘Drifting Years’ 

Much of Lazarus’ career has been collected from hearsay and oral recollections. Drifting round the USA in his early twenties, he mainly played in bars and small clubs, using a small drum machine and a stylophone. He was however robbed in New York in the early 60’s and lost these instruments. It is widely rumoured that the robbery was carried out by Alan Vega and Martin Rev.

Reports indicate he was then working as a tram conductor in San Francisco for a period, whilst running the biggest LSD racket on the West Coast, disguising tabs of LSD as tram tickets. Other reports suggest he was nearly drafted into replace Brian Jones at this point with the Rolling Stones, however sources indicate that he had a dental appointment on the day he was meant to audition, and therefore the plan fell through.

Throughout the 1980’s, Lazarus was spotted, and arrested, numerous times with his friend Axl Rose. The two are thought to have had a close relationship at the time, but have since fallen out of touch. Around this time, there are records showing Kane worked as an associate producer for many Sylvester Stallone blockbusters, providing quality catering at very affordable prices. He is also reported to have been a touring multi-instrumentalist with Rusted Root during the early 1990’s and provided catering for the ’Send Me On My Way’ recording sessions. Until recently, this was the last reported activity of Kane within the professional music industry.


Return To The Music Industry – ‘A Phoenix From The Ashes and/or The Resurrection Of Lazarus’

Kane returned in 2019 with ‘Narcissus’, produced with Dan Carey and released through Speedy Wunderground. The single was met with widespread critical and commercial acclaim, selling out its physical release within a record negative 48 hours, making it the first record to sell out in history before recording of the song had even begun. He has toured numerous times with an ever revolving cast of musicians of worldwide repute, including Jonny Cigarinni, Bruce Mango, Big Sweetie, Jane Lettuicé, Phil Holsten, Trigger, Riot Shield and Clint Belaggio. Analytics show he is particularly popular with the male 40-70 demographic in the north on England, many of whom say he is, with his unique wardrobe and disregard for contemporary musical trends, the heir apparent to Mark E Smith. 2020 will see the release of his eagerly awaited second single ‘Night Walking’. Get the fuck ready, or fuck off.’

A limited edition vinyl single can be ordered here: http://hyperurl.co/LazKaneNightWalking

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