From Zimbabwe to Manchester, to South Africa, and then back to Manchester, meet Kahreign: the humbled 21 year old female producer, singer and songwriter hailing her heritage through music. After discovering GarageBand – the digital audio workstation app – as the perfect pastime during her daily commute, she took it to the next level, recorded vocals to accompany the tracks she’d made and uploaded them to SoundCloud. “It really popped off”, as Kahreign likes to put it.

In 2018 Kahreign released her first single ‘Switch’ – a smooth yet bouncy synthpop track using catchy lyrics woven into the melody which instantly makes you want to dance. Her second single, ‘Finesse’, followed in 2019 and firmly established her distinct sound. Since then, she has taken to performing, with an intimate gig in Derby (highlighted on her Instagram page), and a guest slot at Limbo Live in The Loft in 2019. Most recently, a performance at the 26th addition of Inner City Waves, in February earlier this year, confirmed she has continually been proving ground.

Spirituality is strong with this one. She believes her mission is to heal through sound. In an interview on Sauce Network she describes herself as becoming “a different spirit” when creating her music and this certainly shows through her performance. Her single ‘Finesse’ comes with it’s own dance sequence to accompany the chorus. “Push, push, then stop,” and repeat, “push, push, then stop”.

The starlet speaks of her name on her SoundCloud bio as a pseudonym translated from the word ‘soul’ in Ancient Egyptian and ‘here’ in Hebrew. ‘Kah’ being the calling for revival, channeling her inner most being and vibrating that through sound energy. To become ‘Kahreign’ she says, “I am free, I am happy and others become a part of that experience.” 

Her next single, ‘Juju’, is out on 28th May. Make it reign, Kah reign. 


Azealia Banks, Aluna George, Brenda Fassie



The upbeat and empowering riddim with an edge of dark psychedelia that elevates you to a dimension of dance. 

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