IDLES are back? This is a brave and needed thing. A few years ago, following the release of their critically acclaimed, and damn brilliant sophomore effort, the group doubled their capacity of audiences in the same tour. The album was filled with cut throat, politically and socially aware rages that managed to split even people I know. I’d highly recommend going back if you’re hidden under a rock (especially if bands like The Clash appeal to you). I left one of these shows with my teeth gritted wondering what they’d do next. Especially by the time Brexit and Coronavirus became everyday news topics. From a show where the group climbed from the stage onto the balcony screaming their right wing, pro NHS views. I assumed now they might dive off the balcony onto someones head with their new music. I always loved how honest they have been compared to others.

So here’s the new track. The track is named after a fitness instructor, Derrick Evans (or Mr Motivator). Famously caught on 90s TV shows such as GMTV. I suppose he’s getting a lot of online work right now and spurred IDLES into creativity. They present their own workout routine in video form. It’s very pretty, and sometimes amusing. Reminding me of a similar video Squid did for Sludge, with fans recording the view from their houses in quarantine. Really showcasing how great technology is to us. But i’m here for the music, not visuals, and spoiler alert. It isn’t here.

‘Mr Motivator’ merely sounds like a parody of IDLES, rather than a slice of lockdown genius. The lyrics are a set of comparisons to celebrities, but with no substance or message to back it up. Talbot growls lines all similar to this: ‘Like Delia Smith after ten chardonnays making me a nice cookie’? Fucking hell Joe. I know, and you know that you can do this better. If he isn’t doing this, he’s asking us if he likes his cliches or chanting a chorus that goes unforgivable in my books. ‘Let’s seize the day. All hold hands, chase the pricks away’. What are we? Blink 182?!

Kiernan’s guitars rip off Another IDLES track, ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’ in the opening of the song. But it ends up being NFAMWAP if it ran out of steam pretty much straight after. Beavis’s drums are nowhere near as ear piercing as on the previous project. The bass is forgettable. I’m not really sold. Look. I understand you want to spread positivity in the lockdown, but please do it well guys. I know you’re capable. Touch wood the new album is better.

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