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For a small island, the Isle of Wight certainly has a big reputation – particularly when it comes to musical heritage. From the famous, long-running Isle of Wight Festival (renowned as the UK’s oldest music festival) to hugely popular events such as Rob da Bank’s Bestival, the beautiful island, situated just off the south coast, has consistently punched above its weight when it comes to musical gatherings.

     Now, for 2020, there’s another glorious, enchanting noise emerging from England’s smallest county – a new band by the name of Coach Party. 

     The four-piece – Jessica Eastwood (vocals/bass), Stephanie Norris, Joe Perry (guitars) and Guy Page (drums) – have only been active for a few months, but they’ve already been tipped as one of the UK’s most thrilling, electrifying new guitar bands. The group, who grew up and still reside on the Isle of Wight, recently signed to Chess Club Records, the label responsible for helping launch the careers of Jungle, Mumford & Sons and Wolf Alice.

     Now, with the release of their new debut EP, Party Food, we can fully appreciate just why Chess Club were so enamoured. As you’d expect of a band inspired by the works of Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Tame Impala, Coach Party are rather partial to big guitars and big volume. There is, however, plenty of nuance to their noise. Songs such as ‘Oh Lola’ combine brash, punky energy with innovative arrangements and deft melodic left-turns. There’s deadly intent in their lyrics, also, as shown by the savage critique of social media lifestyles on ‘Bleach’.

     These are the sort of songs designed for maximum mosh-pit carnage – and frankly, we can’t wait until live music returns and we can witness Coach Party in the flesh.  

KEY TRACK: ‘Oh Lola’ – the band’s debut single, released last year, this frenetic fuzz-pop banger boasts an explosive, euphoric chorus you’ll want to sing from the top of your lungs.

FOR FANS OF: Wolf Alice, The Big Moon, Sonic Youth.

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