Of all the bands from Nottingham that I am surprised are not bigger Slumb Party is at the top of that list. Energetic and memorable live shows and just great music they have come to be one of the best bands in Nottingham and have been around for a while having first seen them in 2017 after the release of their first self titled EP. 

Now 2 EPs later and 2 full albums of Talking Heads esque brilliance they have brought track after track of musical brilliance with off kilter melodies, shouty vocals, screeching saxophone riffs and odd synth hooks they stand out from many of the other bands and solo artists in the Nottingham area. An energetic live show as they frantically flip between guitars, synths and saxophones on a dime dependent on song and quip between sets to the amusement of all in the audience and the band. 

Highlight songs include Salaryman, an energetic bit of danceable post punk with an undertone of cynicism throughout its lyrics topped off with driving bass and synth motifs. Spending Money, released just last year it is their best yet far and above the Happy now, with a far more developed and enjoyable sound as well as fully realising what can be heard on their first album, Happy Now. 

On a personal note they are easily one of the best bands from Nottingham in an area drowning in bands varying wildly in quality and consistently. If you listen to 6 Music a lot they are so far up your alley that they are standing outside your door, even if certain references may not make sense.

Key Tracks: Salaryman, Existence, Go To Work

For Fans Of: Talking Heads, Iceage