To those not in the know, Tiña are a psych pop outfit from London. One you may look at and ask, ‘but are they a novelty act or something?’ Maybe due to frontman Josh Leftin dressing like a novelty act off Britain’s Got Talent. Wearing solely hot pink outfits and hats, alongside bizarre glasses. Or maybe the fact Leftin took this further and ran in the middle of Westminster Bridge wearing nothing but pink shorts and a cowboy hat. But in reality this is some talented guys not taking themselves too seriously. Something that has been lost a lot in pop since the 1970s, unless you count The Smiths. And come on, the effort is insane. Leftin recorded their new music video with a newly broken collarbone.

The group have a few dreamy singles out with Speedy Wunderground (A label that is worth following piously) that have raised eyebrows in this neck of the woods. Especially that Dip song that came out a few months ago. It is infectiously catchy and kept me awake at night. Whether it being in the falsetto vocal or the peppy jangle pop guitar work. It’s a great number. Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey comments “What caught my ear was the beauty of their chord changes”. The group recorded three songs with him consecutively “to capture the mind state we experience at a gig, the way time travels and how our senses are completely distorted”. Their lyrics also contrast their major progressions like any great 60s track may (though they often bring a positive outcome from negative situations). On one track Leftin turns to Buddhism and the simple pleasures of putting his washing out.

Today the group have announced their third single ‘Rosalina’. A track that takes more of a 90s alt rock sound than the dreamy psych pop they have been churning out. They also announce that they are the first band to record a full length LP for the Speedy Wunderground label. The album ‘Positive Mental Health Music’ comes out on the 6th November and can be pre ordered here: https://www.speedywunderground.com/shop/albums#!/. It’s sure to be a good one.

Positive Mental Health Music’ Tracklist:

1. Buddha

2. Rosalina

3. I Feel Fine

4. Rooster

5. Closest Shave

6. Growing In Age

7. New Boi

8. Golden Rope

9. It’s No Use

10. Dip

11. People

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