Saw-tooth, rough edge rock is the forte of the visceral Hello Operator, relentlessly delivering some of the meatiest riffs in modern music. Formed in 2014 and serving up their furious first single ‘Stephanie’ the following year, the North Yorkshire rockers have wasted no time in pumping out what can only be described as classic high voltage, foot-stomping, headbangers. Combining their unmistakable fuzzy guitar, gritty basslines and thunderous drums with frontman Max Dalton’s signature screeching vocals, there is something distinctly impressive about this group that gives them a raw power sure to send you reeling.

Forging their heavy new wave sound from the likes of influences such as Led Zeppelin, Metallica and AC/DC, choose any of their fire-filled tunes and you’ll feel as if they’ve ripped the roof off the room, said “fuck you” while doing it and still leave you craving more. With their latest single ‘King Solomon’ exploding onto Spotify on the 24th July and their debut album poised for release this year, it’s fair to say Hello Operator are set to carry the torch for ardent fans of riff-core rock.

KEY TRACK: ‘Oosh’ – the bullishly unapologetic single from 2017. It perfectly encapsulates the wild swagger that is bound to drive Hello Operator to greatness.

FOR FANS OF: Royal Blood, Motorhead, Black Keys