Sing Leaf (David Como) returns with a folky take on power pop. ‘Easy On You’ is a two minute acoustic breeze, lyrically reflecting on finding peace in a relationship. It’s psychedelic video is directed by the Australian artist Jordan Borg, in which there is an animation of a young woman’s encounters with a tarot. It encapsulates perfectly the child like fragility of Como’s voice. One that would win over fans of 1990s indie folk (Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith).

This track interests me greatly. Although admittedly not completely fledged lyrically (it does feel a tad repetitive), what really grabs me about this number is the delivery and production. The backing vocals especially. Wow. They sound like they come straight off of Big Star’s ‘#1 Record‘, and it’s rare for an artist to do this kind of production (in this day and age) without sounding gimmicky. There’s something so ethereal about it. There is some great spacey synths lurking in the background too that slowly creep up in the mix.

Sing Leaf has a new record ‘Not Earth’, coming out on the 25th September on Tin Angel Records. Written entirely in Como’s home, where he impressively plays every instrument on the LP. Como takes lyrical influence from Richard Brautigan (“I’ve always tried to align my life with that feeling I found in his books; the strange, psychedelic, childlike-wonder”) and Mark Linkous (“You could tell he wasn’t self-editing too much, always just following the inspiration…”). Something I like to hope will elevate him to new levels lyrically. Because if so, this could be a treat for all.

Pre-order Not Earth on Bandcamp HERE