Goat Girl Announce New LP, ‘On All Fours’, and drop ‘Sad Cowboy’ single

A few years back, Goat Girl decided to kick everyone in the teeth with their self titled debut. A wildly unpredictable piece of post punk, with ambitious mettlesome lyrics laced throughout. Being one of the first bands to play in the new wave of Windmill Brixton acts, and one of the newer signees to Rough Trade, this is one I recommend if it slipped your net.

Today Goat Girl announce their sophomore project, titled ‘On All Fours’. Linked with its dreamy debut single ‘Sad Cowboy’ (found below). A 5 minute number, described by Lottie Cream as a track that “centres around the idea of losing a grip on reality and how often this can happen. When you’re within a world that constantly makes you feel as though you’re living out a really bad dream, disillusionment is inevitable.”

The group, like many creative thinkers, have come far, saying that they are moving away from the confrontational lyric style of their debut. Instead moving onto discussing “the worlds injustices and social prejudices, using the music to explore global, humanitarian, environmental and mindful wellbeing”. From the tracklist alone, the band raise eyebrows with some peculiar names (found below), yet very suited to their wild detour heavy songs.

This will be the newest LP under Dan Carey’s production belt, and is due for release on January 29th 2021. The album is available to pre order below. Some limited ones too, which are likely to become collectors pieces past release.

Check out ‘On All Fours’ Tracklist and ‘Sad Cowboy’ below:

1. Pest
2. Badibaba
3. Jazz (In The Supermarket)
4. Once Again
5. P.T.S.Tea
6. Sad Cowboy
7. The Crack
8. Closing In
9. Anxiety Feels
10. They Bite On You
11. Bang
12. Where Do We Go From Here?
13. A-Men

Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

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