Goo Lagoon; perhaps a hard puzzle to deeply understand unless you know where he comes from. Making music from the Isle of White, it is almost as if he is a host for the island itself, with a Mac Demarco-esque tranquillity running through the veins of every song he touches. Vocally switching between a blazed Jeff Buckley and a sober Tim Buckley there’s never any end to the charm that drips out of his 2020 debut album Today’s Alien, a record with an innately personal feel, not in the sense that you feel you are looking at him under a microscope but rather that he is looking at you, peeping through your consciousness while you fall deeper into a trip you don’t mind staying in for the rest of your life, or at least for 53 minutes.

This is an artist that achieves something very few can do, perfectly encapsulating the feel of where he’s from, an island. Every song he produces come across like a new national anthem for the lost and the isolated without necessarily bringing you down into a place of self-reflection, instead taking you, for however long the track lasts, on a journey with him to somewhere you have never been before and will revisit whenever you can.

KEY TRACK: ‘Livin’ Like a Pimp’ – A beautiful swim through a sea of acoustic guitars and vocals that have more echo than the bunnymen.

FOR FANS OF: Mac Demarco, The Pixies, a general sense of peace and happiness.