After hearing The Lounge Society’s debut single, ‘Generation Game’, earlier this year it was clear to see that once again Speedy Wunderground were harbouring some exciting talent. Despite a mix that just didn’t sit right with me I kept coming back for the punky lyrics, catchy riff and close to psychedelic breakdowns. When I learned that ‘Burn the Heather’ was coming out I was on tenterhooks to see what the four teens from Hebden Bridge had up their sleeve.  I would be tempted to say that they’ve dropped their punk aggression for a funk expression but that would be bullshit. They haven’t left anything in Generation Game but instead just added a groove that has been dragged straight from the seventies and shows off a totally different side to the band. 

Granted, I still find myself thinking that the mix is somehow taking away from the potential of the song, which is strange when looking at the music Dan Carey has helped produce over the last couple of years. Alas, there is definitely something wrong with the track that stops it from mixing seamlessly into other songs in the playlist, which is a shame because having seen videos of them live you can tell that their sound is ready to be listened to and every other element of the new track is a great one, not to mention what feels like a colossal step in the right direction. I am however still looking forward to seeing what The Lounge Society do next, something tells me 2021 is going to be some year for them.

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