Since seeing Blanketman last year, few bands have given me such mixed emotions. Initially they grabbed my attention with David Byrne-esque dancing and Ian Curtis-esque singing but after taking down their previous work and releasing pop single Taking You With Me, I found myself disappointed. Hope then started to creep back in with Beachbody, a punchy indie song that stays in your head for days, it may not have been them at their best but something was definitely there. Now after announcing the release of their debut EP National Trust in March next year they have also released the song Harold, a far cry from anything I was expecting, and a welcome one at that. 

In Harold, Blanketman show a semi melancholic side to themselves not yet seen before partnered with vocals that are a far cry from the polished pop of Taking You With Me. The guitar, bass and drums, for the first time in their short discography, melt together brilliantly and the mix is pretty fucking close to perfect. With whispers of shoegaze and 80’s indie music mixed with a healthy dose of the undeniable charm that I saw in the band when I first came across them, I am happy to say Blanketman are finally here. Manchester’s music scene isn’t short of up and coming bands but with Harold Blanketman have shown they deserve their place. I hope you’re looking forward to their EP as much as I am now, the start of 2021 looks like a good one and Blanketman are certainly going to be a part of that.  

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