Introducing – Heavy Lungs

Photo Credit: Dominika Scheibinger

After being name checked in IDLES’ massive single Danny Nedelko, some well-deserved attention was brought to Heavy Lungs. The Bristol based post-punk quartet have worked with IDLES countless times and as much as the association with them has brought many to them in the first place, by this point they have comfortably outgrown what they used to be seen as, ‘That band that’s mates with IDLES’. 

Although they have never released an album, and their last release was an EP in October 2019, their sound has progressed in a truly interesting way, far from the stale pseudo-politics and paint by numbers punk songs IDLES have reverted back to creating, Heavy Lungs have something funny and light but also slightly haunting about their music. Whether it’s the slow burner Stutter that bombardes the listener at the end “did I fucking stutter”, leaving you just about ready to fight whoever it may be that is shouting this in your face. Or their double A-side partner to IDLES’ ‘Danny Nedelko’, ‘Blood Brother’ that flirts with sounding like the cure at points vocally. Heavy Lungs’ eclectic sound is too good to be overlooked, and an album (or at the very least another EP) can’t come soon enough. Until then there will be a big Heavy Lungs shaped hole in new music releases.

KEY TRACK: (A Bit of a) Birthday – Despite Happy Birthday now being in the public domain this angry ode to hating the attention your special day brings might just have to become the new normal at anyone’s birthday party.