News: The Lounge Society announce debut EP ‘Silk For The Starving’, and new single ‘Cains Heresy’

Photo Credit: Piran Aston

After a couple of incredibly exciting singles I was more than looking forward to the third Lounge Society single. For the most part this is down to the fact the band have showcased two completely different sides. With this diversity in place, I couldn’t in the slightest guess which direction Cain’s Heresy was going to go in.

Sonically the track returns to a similar area heard on Generation Game. The difference here is that Cain’s Heresy laughs in the face of Generation Game’s idea of turning things up to 11. Instead it takes things to the next level, opting to rip the knob off completely. Cain’s Heresy is by far the punkiest track The Lounge Society have put out so far. Nearly four minutes of the band at their best, not giving up any of the new wavey guitars or sharp vocals that make the band great, but this time incorporating a new found anger in their tone. Dan Carey’s mix on the song is also at the best it’s ever been in the band’s short discography. Giving the listener no chance for respite, there’s always something sonically assaulting, and I for one love every second of it.

The release of this new single comes along with news of a debut EP, Silk For The Starving, set to be released via Speedy Wunderground on June 18th. It looks to be a four track release clocking in at around 12 minutes. The EP omits debut single Generation Game, giving the listener one more song to look forward to. With it being produced by Dan Carey, and the band themselves saying “Silk For The Starving is what happens when four people pour their passion and worldly frustration into 20 minutes of sound”, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that Speedy seem to have fucking done it again.

The thought of what’s to come down the line for The Lounge Society is really quite intriguing. Currently one thing I know for sure is that I will be eagerly awaiting the rest of their EP. You wont be doing yourself a disservice if you do too.

Pre order the EP here: https://speedywunderground.ochre.store/release/220251-the-lounge-society-silk-for-the-starving