Single Review: Nocturnal Coast – Dance


If you’ve ever heard a swaggering tune or two of the mercurial Nocturnal Coast and reckon you can probably imagine how their latest single sounds, then prepare to be proven wrong. I say this as one such listener who presumed their gritty, guitar-oriented formula would continue but was pleasantly surprised with Dance when I was greeted with a lush opening that smacks of a classic 80’s love song.

As if taken straight from the soundtrack of a John Hughes film, “Dance” offers a refreshing change of pace for the Liverpudlian quartet. Where once their strength was in the energy of songs like “In The Jac” Nocturnal Coast have evolved in the most unexpected way, turning to their versatility and newfound vibrance as the base of their rejuvenation. Perhaps more adventurous than their previous work, the unmistakable scouse sizzle of frontman Luke Saunders melancholic melodies lends a certain familiarity to “Dance” which compliments the bittersweet tone of this sunnier single. 

The solo that follows the second chorus can only be described as some of the most gorgeous guitar work that I’ve recently heard and is complimented by the band’s skilful drummer, Alex Cain, who masterfully supports the lead with razor like precision. Although the track ends somewhat abruptly, this is still an instant hit for me. From the rolling bassline of the nostalgia-inducing intro to the crash filled chorus, Nocturnal Coast have succeeded in experimenting with a new sound where so many other bands fall down into self-indulgence, striking that most elusive balance between the weird and wonderful.