Introducing: Morgin Madison

Fashioned as a type of soundscape artist, Morgin Madison stands as one of the last voices in House Music. From the ashes of House comes a bold, brilliant album-Living the Phantasm-that fuses that bygone thunder with a spacier, more spectral, language unique to Madison and Madison alone. 

Burning from the ashes of a failing music industry, Madison’s album is a work of tremendous beauty, vibrancy, acidity and restraint. Exceptionally well arranged, and produced with utmost attention to detail, the album expertly channels the ghosts in a world bent on destruction, devastation and denial. The album, presumably written before the pandemic, sounds strangely prescient, especially as the focus pivots from the domestic to the demonstrative. 

“Feels Like” is the third single released from the cerebral album, and in keeping with the synthesis of themes that has tied this particular trilogy together, the song conveys numerous paint strokes, positing it as a potential anthem for the racking, wearisome summer ahead of us. 

Key Track: “Feels Like”: Bolstered by a thumping synth line, this single- replete with ideas too
numerous to adequately summarise for this article- speaks of a world shifting before its very eyes.
Altering the timbre from textured to throbbing, the number chases to the finish line, ably hitting the
four minute format with a note of stoic, celebratory precision. Released via mau5trap, the song is a
taste of what New Sounds readers can expect from the album (released April 30th).

For Fans Of: Deadmau5 , Skrillex, Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis.