Single Review: Cosmic Sloop – Shepherd


Where to start with Cosmic Sloop? Born as a breakaway project from Lazy Chain and the soul work of frontman Harry Sprinks I was more than interested in what this next project had to offer. With an eclectic – albeit very small – discography and a knack for the live event they have left me wanting more ever since they last dropped a new song back in February 2020, but this isn’t about them.

I can’t say what I was expecting when it came to hearing this solo project but I still found myself surprised at its childlike simplistic beauty. Starting off with an incredibly rudimentary keyboard line that repeats throughout the track, and still manages to stay with you nonetheless. In fact the whole keyboard track seems so painfully obvious and simplistic that it feels like you’ve heard it before. I don’t know how he managed to do this and still excel but I fucking like it.

These simple, stripped back verses serve as a brilliant juxtaposition to the explosive chorus, a joyous yawp of angst and conviction. The overall simplicity of the songs verses and core structure is given away to how touching the melody in the chorus is. Again its like I’ve grown up with this melody in the best way.

I don’t know the future for either Lazy Chain or Cosmic Sloop, all I know is I want to keep hearing new songs coming out of this group of people.