Single Review: TV Priest – Lifesize

Lifesize | TV Priest

After an exciting debut album that, at its peak, grabbed the listener round the neck and spat in their face, TV Priest earnt my interest for future projects. That being said I wasn’t expecting new music so soon. Especially a single that would be so out of place on the debut. Lifesize feels like a more measured attempt at what their debut, Uppers, was attempting. Don’t get it twisted, I enjoyed Uppers, but the comparisons to bands like Idles were relatively easy to make and even within that box nothing new was being created.

 Lifesize however is a welcome step away from that, the band hold back well on this song and have made steps to creating a whole new sound of their own. Sometimes sonically approaching what The Murder Capital did so well on their debut, the fact that this song doesn’t definitively explode in the same way as the higher points on their debut doesn’t seem to matter because the journey is still worth taking.

This all being said I am struggling to figure out whether I had more fun with the high points on their debut or with Lifesize. I think I have to say that a song like The Big Curve hasn’t been surpassed in terms of my own personal enjoyment but it is certainly promising that they can stray away from that sound and still produce something any post punk fan should listen to.