Single Review: The Lounge Society – Last Breath


I found myself listening to The Lounge Society’s new single, Last Breath, still basking in the afterglow of their fantastic tour-opening show in Liverpool on Friday. In fact, it was at that very show that I first learned of an imminent single release. Lead singer Cameron announced “this next ones a new single, its coming out on Wednesday” before jumping into it. At the time, wrapped up in the event and the energy, I was extremely happy with what I was hearing. But in the cold light of day how does it all hold up?

Starting off with a deep, alien synth line that quickly gets accompanied by a paper-thin rhythm section. In fact, the vocals in the verse also have sharp quality, with a high pitched, almost jokey vocal line tracking a deeper more spoken word approach through the songs verses that makes it all feel like everything is on the same level. This is until the chorus in which the vocal lines divorce each other. Herbie reverts to the lower, chanting mantra of “I will spend my last breath singing” delivered in a way that is reminiscent of 2019-era Blanketman. This is then followed by the more aggressive, defiant shouts from Cameron, repeating the phrase.

The way in which the verse mix complements the chorus is something that only becomes apparent on repeat listens. At first it seemed like a weird choice to have every sonic element so narrowly bunched together but it all becomes clearer when it is juxtaposed with the explosive chorus that will become a live staple for the band in no time. 

Yet again The Lounge Society have shown another side to themselves that was previously unexplored. This time dipping their tows into a Mark-E-Smithian avant-gardism whilst still sticking to what makes them so unique and unmistakeable. It’s anyone’s guess what will come next. All we can hope for is that it comes soon.