Single Review: Lady Bird – INFANTS


I first saw Lady Bird over two years ago at a day festival in Manchester, having only heard about them a few days previously. I was assured by the people I was with that I was in for a good show and by God they were right. My only regret was that I didn’t know any songs in the slightest but for the first time in my gig going life that didn’t make a single bit of difference. Their refreshing mix of hyper-specific, witty lyrics and catchy guitar riffs in songs like Spoons and Boot Fillers got me hooked. Now, the similarities between themselves and Slaves have been drawn on enough for me not to bother with the comparison too much, I only want to say that with the state Slaves have been in recently and the extra musician that Lady Bird have I don’t think it will be too long before people are saying “What are this band called? Slaves? They sound a lot like that band Lady Bird.” Instead of visa versa. Or at least that is if their latest single INFANTS is anything to go by.

Kicking off with a monstrous riff that runs throughout alongside brilliantly spat lyrics, within the first 30 seconds it is clear that Lady Bird have jumped up many levels to the point they seem to be at now. Instead of a fun, easy going cut that I was used to from their first EP’s this is a genuine 100mph punk song that is perfectly constructed and unlike anything I have heard in the genre in fucking years.

Alongside the single release was the announcement of upcoming debut album WE set for release on the 25thof February 2022. Going off the run time (37 minutes for 13 tracks) it seems the lead singles, both clocking in at around 2:30 minutes respectively, are going to be the rule rather than the exceptions which I for one am incredibly excited for. In fact, anyone with a love for this thing in music that we call punk or soul or passion should be. It’s time to burn your Idles shirts and let Slaves go. I have no doubt in my mind it is Lady Birds turn to carry the torch lit by Iggy Pop all those years ago.