News: Gilla Band announce new album ‘Most Normal’, release ‘Eight Fivers’

Gilla Band (fka Girl Band) Announce New Album 'Most Normal': Hear "Eight  Fivers

Irish noisemakers Gilla Band, formerly known as Girl Band, are back with a new announcement. On 7th October their new album ‘Most Normal’ will be released via Rough Trade Records. With the band’s very own Daniel Fox at the mixing desk, and the recording done at the group’s longtime rehershal space (Sonic Studios), this is Gilla Band taking their most punk turn yet. Accompanying the announcement comes the video for lead single ‘Eight Fivers’.

“‘Eight Fivers’ is about being out of touch with modern circumstances while feeling socially limited,” the band’s Dara Kiely said. “Never fitting in and kind of proud of it. Stuck with what I have and happy for it. Being grateful and not fashionable, self-conscious and too aware of what is lacking. Accepting that jealousy has played a big role in my life but trying not to feed into it. It was a big, shameful thing, growing up, not being able to afford the look I wanted and having to wear all my brother’s old clothes, like bell-bottomed flares that got nowhere near my ankle.” This is just one of twelve new ‘nihilistic dancefloor’ songs, which are to feature ramblings about the eccentric, whether it being smearing fish with lubricant or dressing up in bin-liners.

The album will be available on limited edition blue vinyl and an exclusive alt cover white vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies. You can preorder the album here  https://gillaband.ffm.to/mostnormal

Photo: Mark McGuinness