Tame Impala at Blackpool Winter Gardens – Live Review – June 2019

After downing a few pre gig pints in the local ‘spoons’ and spending an tenner on grab machines, it was time to watch Australian psych rockers bestow a night of trippy anthems at Blackpool’s legendary Winter Gardens.

Lead singer Kevin Parker and the rest of his band take to the stage like a duck to water starting the show in typical fashion. “Holy fuck! They’re coming on!” Was repeatedly screamed by a lady next to me to her friends who all seemed to share the same enthusiasm. Kevin utters the words “lets get started” and madness ensues. 

Opening with ‘Let it happen’, Electricity was developed in the atmosphere that was probably dangerous due to how sweaty the gig was. None the less this did not stop the party. The band played tracks from their plethora of back catalogue such as ‘Apocalypse dreams’ from Lonerism and ‘Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind?” Which was recently sampled in Asap Rocky’s ‘Sundress’.

Sonics-wise, the overall sound of the gig was amazing. There were no audible mistakes and you could hear the entirety of the band incredibly clearly – it was also only £8 for dark fruits and a vodka coke. The audience contained a ripe old mix of people, there where the ones who you could tell where just there to get rat arsed and Take a ‘Trip’, then there where the guys who just stood back to watch cos it was too sweaty near the front. No matter where you went it felt free to do as you please, an unexpected nod to the legendary psych era’s of yesteryear.

Throughout the entire show Tame Impala gave their audience a master class of How its fucking done. Lasers, confetti cannons and the sound of a band who are incredibly tight and who possess a noise that does not depreciate in a live setting, quite the opposite. When the next opportunity presents itself I implore you to go see this band, you will not regret it.