News: Dead Chic unveil the video for ‘Good God’

Dead Chic are a rock band, comprising of British and French members, and with 2023’s The Venus Ballroom, they have issued their debut EP. Led by songwriters Andy Balcon & Damien Félix, Dead Chic continues the tradition of songwriter-led rock bands such as Squeeze, The Smiths and The Beatles. Based on ‘Good God’ – the band’s latest single, and most recent release from the aforementioned The Venus Ballroom – The Beatles’ influence is apparent, whether it’s the guttural growl that can be heard on the chorus, or the bouncy drum fills undulating beneath the brass. The band has just filmed a video for ‘Good God’, and it can be heard at the bottom of the page. 

During their interview with Celebmix, the duo discussed their process, stating that it doesn’t pertain to conventional forms of songwriting: “We worked more with visual references, to be honest. As we’ve both developed ourselves as musicians individually it would be hard for us to break the mold we’ve forged around our sound.” ‘Good God’ would appear to be a continuation of that manifesto, combining visuals with melody. Besides Balcon and Felix, Mathis Akengin and Remi Ferbus are also members of the band. Akengin is responsible for the band’s brass arrangements. Matthieu Delanoë, Marius Rabbe , Thomas Sabarly and Charles Lavrut are also credited on The Venus Ballroom

Furthermore, the band plan to tour Britain in 2024. The British leg will begin in the Phoenix in Exeter. The tour will continue to perform across England in such places as Brighton, London and Birmingham. Before performing in England, the band will finish off a selection of dates on the continent in November. Dead Chic are set to perform in Anglet, before travelling to Chambéry and Lyon. Tickets can be bought over on Songkick. 

Watch the video for ‘Good God’ here: Dead Chic – Good God [Official Video]

Photo: David Boehm