EP Review: This Is Shit – Y


The opening track is something of a beast: A pulsating keyboard enters, employing the same rave energy heard on many of the dance tracks from the 1990s. Considering the decade it is released in, Th/s /s Sh/t’s ‘Y Point One’ drives along with a thunderous pace that stems as much from the faders as it does from the electronic drums. Of the two mixes heard on this release (an E.P., a throwback of sorts to the packagings of old), ‘Y Point One extended’ follows the nineties influence that bit closer, but the opening track has an infectious energy that feels like it’s entirely of its own making. 

Bolstered by shrill shrieks and disembodied yelps, Th/s /s Sh/t are a French trio who are guided by their influences, complete with a polished sheen that’s of their own making. “Still difficult question to answer,” the band told It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine in 2020. “We are all very eclectic listeners, and very amazed by so many artists. Of course we could list some bands who are related to our music like Holy Fuck, Secret Chiefs 3, Soulwax, Trentmoller, Trans AM…” 

To my ears, this E.P. boasts some splashes of Hot Chip and McCartney in the mix (‘Y Two’ has a similar cadence to The Beatle’s ‘Check My Machine’.) How the trio will translate this record to the live stage has yet to be seen, but there is no denying the energy on the work, so I can imagine that the efforts – compressed that they might be – will find a home on the touring circuit. Fauborg guests on ‘Y.3’, a bouncy percussive number that celebrates the euphoria of modern society. At three minutes and fifty five seconds, it’s one of the shorter songs on the record, but the brevity adds a fusion of sorts, bringing the melange headfirst into 2024. As it stands, the E.P. feels like a taster for greater things to come, and if the trio continue to harness their craft, then they are welcome to play in this part of Europe anytime they wish. 

Photo: Lola-Demarquez