INTRODUCING – Injury Reserve

THE BACK STORY: Arizona based hip hop trio push boundaries. It’s that simple really. Odd ball rappers Ritchie With a T and Steppa J. Groggs accompanied by Producer Parker Corey formed back in 2013 and released ‘Cooler Colours’ in 2014. This EP felt like a gentle nod to legends such as, The Pharcyde and Mood Deep. Fast forward to 2019 and the trio are on top form however criminally under appreciated.

The newest album has chaotic production style and boisterous lyric delivery in places such as, GTFU (feat. JPEG MAFIA & Cakes da Killa). Then can switch to a glitchy jazz rap sound with humorous yet brilliant lyrics. ‘Koruna & Lime’ is a subtle introduction to industrial break beats and forward thinking production. Its not certain where injury reserve will be in the next few years however, I am pretty sure you’ll be hearing their names a little more often from now. 

Key Track: Koruna & Lime

For Fans Of: Amine, DRAM, Brockhampton

Photo Credit: Ryan Jay